Why HideMyAss Is Still The Best

As We All Know…

With privacy and internet security becoming a major concern with increase in computer use, most people are turning to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), to seek internet security. There are many VPN service providers currently on the market. However, there is one provider that stands out from the competition, and that is HideMyAss.

It is a powerful VPN platform and one of the most reliable in the entire world. With servers in almost every corner of the globe, it is easy to understand why HideMyAss is still the best. If you are looking for a VPN service, here are additional reasons why you should use HideMyAss.

Protect Your Data over Unsecured Networks

It is always risky to connect to public networks that lack a form of protection for your private information. For example, Wi-Fi networks found nowadays in hotels, airports, cruises, and ferries, among others, lack internet protection. This means that you are exposing your information to people like hackers.

Such unscrupulous individuals can steal your personal information such as credit card details, usernames and passwords. Hackers can then use this information to launch a cyber attack against you. The good news is that HideMyAss enables you to avoid all these problems, regardless of the connection. It encrypts the whole connection, while protecting your information against all forms of attacks.

Protect Your Online Identity

Once you activate HideMyAss software when browsing, all your online activity will be encrypted. When this happens, the software changes the IP address of your current connection. Therefore, your identity remains hidden, as you do your business online. Surfing anonymously is the only way you can be able to protect your identity while hackers and online spies on the same network cannot trace your activity.

Protect Your Online Activities

Unlike proxy networks, HideMyAss allows you to encrypt and then make anonymous all your online activities, conducted through this software. In this way, all the information sent through this network remains private.

Online chats and messages from Skype and other services sent through this network is always protected and anonymous. With HideMyAss you can chat with people in different parts of the world, and no one can access that information, apart from the sender and the recipient.

Allows you to Access Blocked Websites

In various countries around the world, governments and certain service providers have blocked access to certain websites, due to the nature of their content. When this happens, users from other parts of the world who are not allowed to access the content, cannot do so using normal proxy servers. This lock is usually achieved by using a filter that blocks certain IP addresses, from accessing the content.

For example, Netflix, which is based in the US, has limited people from Asia from accessing certain types of content from the site. Therefore, if you connect to this streaming website from Asia, you may not be able to enjoy the same content as person living in the US. Your IP will be filtered and blocked.

However, if you find yourself in such a situation, all you need is HideMyAss and you will be able to bypass the problem. HideMyAss software will change your IP address and then connect to Netflix, using a server located in the US. This software grants you all the user privileges being enjoyed by a US resident, allowing you to stream and download content as you wish.

Enjoy Fast Connection Times

One of the main reasons why HideMyAss is still the best in the VPN world, is their fast connection times. Honestly speaking, it is hard to find a VPN service that compares to HideMyAss, in terms of speed. It has very fast connection times, while upload and download times are lightning fast. With download speeds going beyond 50mbs, you can always rely on HideMyAss for fast downloads, streaming and other types of connections, that require a fast and reliable VPN.

Our Word

As indicated in our full HideMyAss review, you will notice that this provider offers fast, reliable, and stable service. This service is great for individual users, small businesses and large data centers. Using this service during your online activity enables you to remain anonymous with the knowledge that third parties can never access your data or information. Their packages are also quite affordable, which makes it a great choice for users around the world. You can also read a full HideMyAss review, as for now leaving you with a simple tutorial and review of HideMyAss 2017.